Do you suffer from Depersonalization?

Do you feel trapped inside your own head, scared and anxious all the time?

Do you feel like there's a pane of glass between you and the rest of the world?

Are you constantly asking yourself questions about reality and your own existence?

Have you spent hours, and even days, searching the Internet for a cure?

Are you tired of looking through websites, forums and books for snippets of information on how to deal with this horrible disorder?

Have you had to deal with doctors who know little or nothing about the treatment of this condition?

Would you like to have one single book, a source tried and trusted source by thousands of people, that tells you everything you'll ever need to know about depersonalization
including EXACTLY what it is and exactly how to RECOVER from it?

Would you like someone who has actually gone through and RECOVERED from the condition himself, AND dealt with thousands of people who have had the condition -
to help with and talk you through your own recovery?

Then this acclaimed ebook is for you.

"Depersonalization: A Recovered Sufferer's Comprehensive Guide On How To Cope With And Alleviate It" has become a phenomenon since it was first published.

It has already sold over SIX THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED copies, and as of this year, now comes in a brand new,
updated & extended edition
with a FULL unabridged audio version, read by the author.

Since its first edition as a small ebook in 2007, the DP Manual has gone on to become a full recovery package -
And is now the oldest, most trusted guide to recovery from DP currently available.

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"What you've managed to do with this ebook is remarkable,
there are no other actual solutions out there that I've seen...

Before I read your ebook, I had just finished reading some recent authorized
medical self-help books, which offered absolutely nothing at all...
I believed there was no real hope.

You should know you may be the one person on the planet who has discovered
and codified the truth about this problem...

You should know the gravity of what you've accomplished."

Simon Taylor, Boston MA, USA

(Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person)

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Why spend any more time on forums and websites that give vague information,
scare stories and references to what DP might be?

I have been through this condition myself, I have done the research, and I have personally
helped literally THOUSANDS of people from around the world to recover from DP.

I will tell exactly what you need to know!


Hi there. My name is Shaun O Connor, and I suffered from chronic Depersonalization (DP) disorder for almost two years.

It was triggered by a panic attack and stayed with me, day in and day out for months on end, with very few moments of relief.

Believe me, I know the tremendous pain and mental anguish that the condition can cause, I've been there.


"It's been a little over a week since I discovered your site and
downloaded your book and I wanted to thank you already!!!
You were truly the answer to a prayer.

I am not SUFFERING on a daily basis anymore
and I have YOU to thank for that!

You have helped me more in 2 weeks than my therapist helped me in 1 year!"

Melanie Stevens, San Jose, California, USA

(Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person)

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Once I'd figured out what it actually was, I was surprised and dismayed to find that I could not find any
specific text on how to deal with it, something to gave me a guide of what vitamins, activities etc would help with it.

There seemed to be no manuals available anywhere on how to deal with the condition.

Like so many others, I was forced to figure out the nature of DP through a long, slow, painful process of trial and error.

And yet, though I was so very disappointed by the lack of literature on Depersonalization, I was still determined to get out of it.

I did not want to live with this horrible condition for one minute longer than I had to!

After suffering every day for so long, I decided that something had to change, and that I would get better, no matter what.

I began an intense regime of examining the condition objectively, taking note of every element, both environmental and psychological, that seemed to directly affect the DP.

This soon led me to a huge realization:

If particular thoughts and environmental factors can affect this, then it must be possible
to RECOVER altogether by establishing precise habits that simply didn’t allow it to persist.

I realized that Depersonalization was not something that you could consciously “stop”, like you might turn off a TV or put down a book.

No, the only times that DP was not on my mind was when I was able to forget about it; when I was distracted enough to focus on something else completely.

I began to realise that DP is basically a habit of thought, very much like the "Pure Obsessive" form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder -
and certainly not some bizarre, vague condition that defied explanation.

I came up with a regime specifically designed for dealing with the thoughts of DP, and quickly noticed a general improvement.

And soon after that, I recovered, 100%, with no trace of Depersonalization in my thoughts.

I documented all of my thoughts, experiences and research both during and after my experience with Depersonalization.
I began sharing my ideas over the Internet, and found that others were also achieving total recovery with my advice.

This ebook is the result of that work.

It is the oldest, most trusted and comprehensive guide on how to cope with and alleviate DP
based on all the techniques I and thousands of others have used to recover -
and you can purchase and download it from this site in minutes.

The DP manual has been tried and trusted by thousands of people!


"I don't know where I would be without you.
I would have believed that dp/dr was a permanent condition that
I would have to live with for the rest of my life.....

I would have SUFFERED for the rest of my life!


Paul Renner, Florida, USA

(Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person)

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Many newer, less established programs bombard you with psychology jargon,
and insist on having you go through complicated lists and breakdowns of what 'could' be causing the condition...

So take it from someone with years of experience with Depersonalization,
both personal and in counseling thousands of others:

You don't need to do ANY more research,
Learn ANY more psychological concepts,
Log on to ANY more forums.

Your work is DONE.

Overanalysis is basically what CAUSES AND PROLONGS the condition in the first place,
and the more you do that, no matter how good the intention, the more you will
empower the Depersonalization.

My jargon-free method was effective when it was first written and embraced by DP sufferers .
Since then, it's been refined over HALF A DECADE into an incredibly powerful, clear and direct
recovery package that has been used by THOUSANDS of ex-sufferers --
And you can download it INSTANTLY.

I will answer all of your questions about the condition,
and tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to recover!

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